South Downs

Tulips in the Servants' Quarters border designed and gifted to Petworth by Lady Egremont

Wild coast, stunning wildlife, remarkable history - enjoy the top spots in Britain's newest National Park.

Places to visit

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Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt through daffodils

Easter days in and around the South Downs 

Nature is waking up after the long sleep of winter and there are Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts for the whole of the school holidays at Petworth and Birling Gap. Plus 9 places in Sussex over the Easter weekend. Brimming with clues and intriguing discoveries about nature and wildlife.

Springtime on the South Downs

Visitors dog-walking at Ickworth, Suffolk

Taking the lead on the South Downs

The South Downs are a great place to walk your dog, so there's always somewhere near to you where you can enjoy this rich countryside throughout the year.

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