South Downs

White wildflowers in long grass with mown path and Uppark in background

Wild coast, stunning wildlife, remarkable history - enjoy the top spots in Britain's newest National Park.

Places to visit

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Check before you visit 

Please make sure you check web pages for individual places before you travel, to see where is open and where you may need to book, as well as the most up to date information about visiting.

Nature news
Male beaver takes its first swim in the South Downs

Beavers reintroduced in the South Downs 

We've released a pair of beavers into a sheltered valley at the edge of the South Downs as part of our efforts to restore nature. The beavers will help us create a wildlife-rich wetland landscape. The project follows our successful introduction of two beavers at Holnicote in Exmoor early last year. While the animals settle in, we’re asking people not to go to the site, to give them the best possible chance of establishing themselves.

Places to visit

Enjoying summer across the South Downs