Dunham Estate Future Project

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In light of the current climate where coronavirus has severely affected our income streams, we are currently reviewing our projects and have paused work on the Dunham Estate project.

We’re looking to create more opportunities for local people and visitors to enjoy green spaces on the Dunham Massey Estate.

Our historic estate lies beyond Dunham Massey’s walled parkland and is made up of c.3000 acres of predominantly lowland farmland. We want to understand how we can make this land better for people and nature, while still allowing this land to be productive and retain its distinctive and important historic features.

Illustrated map of the Dunham Massey Estate
Illustrated map of the Dunham Massey Estate
Illustrated map of the Dunham Massey Estate

What is the Dunham Estate Future Project?

The project aims to increase opportunities for communities and people to enjoy green spaces in the area. Building on the work that has already taken place over the past few years, we also aim to improve provision for nature and wildlife across the land we own.

Green spaces are becoming fewer and fewer, and with two major urban infrastructure projects being planned close to the boundary of the Dunham estate, it’s important that we’re able to increase opportunities for our communities to get close to nature. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework could see up to 6,000 new homes built in New Carrington, and the proposed HS2 project will be coming within 150m of the estate boundary.

Therefore, from dog walkers to cyclists and horse riders to families, our aim is to provide something for everyone beyond the walls and main visitor hub at Dunham Massey. Extending the visitor experience to the wider estate will also help us to conserve nature in our parkland which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

To find out more about our vision for the estate, click here.

What we've done so far...

It is important to us to understand what our communities want and need from green spaces, so in 2019 we held seven drop-in sessions, presented to over 40 groups and organisations across the north west and have engaged with over 450 people. We are now working to organise and prioritise the feedback, which will help us to understand what this will mean for the future of Dunham Massey.

Stakeholder engagement at Dunham Massey
Stakeholder engagement at Dunham Massey
Stakeholder engagement at Dunham Massey

In addition to this we’ve mapped our nature and wildlife ambitions across the whole of the estate, ensuring Dunham achieves the wildlife goals set out in the national 25 year plan for nature and respond to the Climate Emergency.

What's next for the project?

2020 will see us planting more trees, start looking at improving paths and create beauty spots such as sunflower fields, which are not only visually spectacular they are also great for birds and pollinating insects!

We also want to continue to talk to our communities and start to delve deeper into some of the ideas that were generated last year. This year we are holding workshops on the following areas:

  • Dog Friendly Offers
  • Children’s Play
  • Access and Connectivity
  • Food and Retail
  • History and Heritage
  • Transport and Travel