Erddig artist in residence

Erddig closer detail of Gouache on Board Laundry window painting by Matthew Wood

Discover a unique perspective on Erddig, captured by acclaimed artist Matthew Wood.

Since late October Matthew has been our artist in residence at Erddig, regularly visiting the house through the cold winter months to capture the atmosphere and sense of place of our much-loved home.

Each painting has been completed in situ in one sitting using gouache on board. Gouache is a heavy, opaque watercolor paint, which appears less watery and produces a  more vibrant colour than ordinary watercolor.

Enjoy Matthew's unique perspective on Erddig in his exhibition in the house
Matthew Wood artist in residence painting at Erddig
" Erddig's interior has a very particular atmosphere that is accentuated by natural light and wintery weather (and of course the cold!). "
- Matthew Wood, Erddig artist in residence
Discover Erddig's artist in residence exhibition from 9 July
Erddig Kitchen saucepan and bowl gouache on board painting by Matthew Wood

As Matthew explored the house, he discovered a uniqueness found in the distinctive colour of the kitchen in contrast to the copper jelly moulds, an eerie atmosphere of the servants corridor on a dark winters' day and an compelling relationship between the inside and the outside. 

Discover Matthew's atmospheric paintings in our new exhibition in the house
Erddig artist in residence in the sunshine on the Victorian parterre
" Perhaps what is most characteristic of Erddig is the many objects and artefacts that are discretely placed around the property; something I have found particularly inspiring. "
- Matthew Wood, Erddig artist in residence

Matthew's body of work will be on display in the house from 9 July to the 4 August. The house opens from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and normal admission applies.

Enjoy Matthew Wood's exhibition at Erddig from 9 July to 4 August
Painting of the Laundry Window by Matthew Wood, Erddig artist in residence
" In reality I feel that I am only beginning to hint at a portrait of a property that is so affected by the atmosphere of light and the placement and history of its objects and artefacts. "
- Matthew Wood, Erddig artist in residence