Erddig treemendous trail

A wood carving high up in the branches on Erddig's treemendous trail

Discover our sensory tree trail at Erddig and make a pledge for nature this spring.

Look beyond the leaves and branches and discover enchanted trees at Erddig. Tree carving artist Ian Williams has created a series of wooden characters ready to be discovered on a trail around Erddig’s historic walled gardens.
As you explore the garden and spot all of the carvings, don't forget to pause for a moment and look up into the branches. Notice different leaf shapes and spot the birds sheltering in the branches above. See how many different varieties you can spot and listen out for woodpeckers in Big Wood.

Follow our Treemendous trail and use all of your senses to see things a little differently, then make a promise for nature.

Child holding a small frog

Promise for nature 

With a whole year packed full of ideas and inspiration to help you on your way, like building bug hotels, to help reducing your carbon footprint, together we can continue to take care of the precious environment around us and the animals that call it home.