Learning comes to life at Erddig

With space to play, explore and discover at Erddig, there are multiple links to the topics pupils and students are studying, bringing meaning to their learning.

Step back in time through the house, comparing the lives of today with those in the past or explore the weird and wonderful wildlife living on Erddig’s 1,200-acre estate. We have a range of workshops to suit the needs of your school or community group.

Plan your learning visit to Erddig

Our guided workshops are the perfect way to enhance your visit to Erddig. Full day workshops last from 10am to 2.30pm and an indoor lunch area is available.

Homes from the past KS1 and KS2

Discover similarities and differences between homes today and homes over a hundred years ago.   Children will explore below stairs and discover how an early 1900s house was kept spick and span by our costumed guides. Workshops run from 10am to 2.30pm and can accommodate 40 pupils maximum. They also include the opportunity for children to dress up as dairy maids and joiners.

A costumed workshop at Erddig brings learning to life
School girls being led out Erddig's Kitchen in Victorian costume
A costumed workshop at Erddig brings learning to life

Guided tours of Erddig house KS2, KS3 and KS4 (available March to July)

Children will be given a tour around Erddig house above and below stairs (approx. 1hr 30mins duration). They will be able to explore the lavish rooms and servant areas to make comparisons between the two different lifestyles. Children will be encouraged to ask questions and think for themselves.

Self-guided tour of Erddig house and gardens

Take your pupils on an exploration of Erddig House through servant areas and luxurious rooms. Room guides are present for children to ask any questions they might have about the rooms, furnishings and items. Outside, an impressive range of outbuildings includes Stables, Smithy, Joiners' Workshop, Sawmill and our superb 18th century Grade I listed formal gardens.

Explore the outbuildings and gardens starting at 11am, entry to the House starts from 12.30pm with last admissions at 3.30pm.

Habitats and adaptations KS1 and KS2

What weird and wonderful wildlife lives on our 1,200-acre estate? Discover the adaptations creatures need to survive in different environments and the food chains connecting them. Pupils will join a mini-beast expedition to discover what is hiding under logs and stones in our woodland habitat and how they differ from creatures living in the meadow. 

Discover the weird and wonderful creatures that live on our estate
Child holding a moth in a viewing jar
Discover the weird and wonderful creatures that live on our estate

This workshop also focuses on the water environments of our pond and river habitats; children will discover the animals that make it their home. 

Workshops run from 10am to 2.30pm at Felin Puleston Countryside Centre and can accommodate up to 55 children maximum.

Teacher-led river studies KS2 to GCSE:

Investigate the River Clywedog and learn all about different river features: meanders, tributaries,  deposition  and  erosion. Children will develop field studies skills by collecting data including river depth, water flow speed and pebble size.

For more information about all of the workshops available including pricing and planning your visit please contact our engagement officer or download our learning information pack (PDF / 1.6728515625MB) download