House and collection at Erddig

Explore life above and below stairs in a unique family home that's captured the way of life of a bustling household during the early years of the last century.

Brass servants' bells below stairs

Get the Downton experience at Erddig

Almost four years since the Crawley family was on our TV screens, they're back in cinemas this autumn.

Painting of Thomas Pritchard Erddig Gardener British School 1830

Discover our unique collection of portraits 

For nearly 200 years, Erddig’s servants were recorded in portraits, photographs and verses. Nothing of such breadth survives anywhere else in the world.

Erddig Saloon in John Meller's rooms of parade

Explore the rooms of parade 

Discover how rich London lawyer John Meller extended Erddig and filled it with the fine furnishings you can still see today.

Erddig conservation team cataloguing the toy collection

Spotlight on Erddig's collection

Erddig has the second largest collection of items in the whole of the National Trust. With a total of 30,000 to care for, it's no mean feat for the house team of conservators and volunteers. We’re an accredited museum too.

Visitor reads written information below stairs at Erddig

Spotlight on darkness at Erddig

Why does the house at Erddig sometimes seem dimly lit? It’s the question we get asked the most!

Erddig head gardener meeitng Philip Yorke III

Erddig memories

Our visitors' memories help us bring to life the extraordinary story of Erddig and of the family that lived here. In collecting and sharing the many fascinating memories people have we are continuing the Yorke family tradition of recording and preserving their heritage for future generations.