Bug hunting and moth trapping on the Isle of Wight

Please note that due to Covid, we are not currently running any bug and moth events.

What better way for you and your children to have fun on the Isle of Wight than with an enlightening day out hunting for bugs or trapping moths as the light fades.

Discover the many interesting creepy crawlies and creatures that fly at night and share our countryside with us.

Hunting for insects 

This can be done at any time, but why not join one of our organised bug hunts and learn more? You can use the sweep nets and bug pots that we provide to look for insects in the undergrowth and long grass. We have mats and hand magnifying glasses, and experts are around to identify what you find. On some events we set up a TV screen showing hugely magnified images of insects that people have caught. 
Butterflies may be flying if it’s sunny, and there are plenty of species on the Island. We provide the butterfly nets and identification service, you provide the energy in catching them and letting them go afterwards.

Moth trapping

On certain evenings in the warmer summer months we set light traps for moths, and then come back next morning to see what amazing and beautiful creatures inhabit the night sky.

Where and when

This was about our events prior to Covid. These events are not running in 2021.

We run our bug hunts at various places and times. Why not keep an eye out for an event  so you can come along and see what you can find?

On these special occasions, we’ll be setting up our moth trap the night before, so we can find out which creatures are flying in the night skies:

  • Mottistone Manor Open Days (Sun 27 & Mon 28 May, Mottistone Gardens)

  • Magnificent Meadows (Sat 7 July, Newtown National Nature Reserve, in support of National Meadows Day).

  • Things on the wing (Sat 28 & Sun 29 July, Newtown National Nature Reserve)

We also have a series of Butterfly Walks throughout the summer (1&17June, 30 July, 20 August, 2 September, Compton Downs).