Dress up at Killerton, Devon

Visitors trying on hats in a dressing room at Killerton, Devon

Visit Killerton in Devon and you’ll walk through a secret wardrobe into a world of costumes. Children and adults can dress up in replica outfits from different eras, with a choice of bonnets, hats and scarves to finish off the look.

‘I absolutely loved the fashion display, making peg dolls and dressing up,’ says one visitor. ‘We spent about an hour in this area.’

Other places to dress up in the South West:

  • Raid the dressing-up box at Chedworth, Gloucestershire, to be a Roman for the day
  • You can dress up in the photographer’s studio at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, as the image here shows
  • Children can dress up as Bronze Age people and complete puzzles in the Alexander Keiller Museum, Wiltshire