Good Energy means lighter footprint at Acorn Bank

The herb garden with a backdrop of the clock tower and weathervane, at Acorn Bank, Cumbria

More nature power and less oil means we have a much lighter footprint at Acorn Bank in Cumbria.

Our partnership with Good Energy
Acorn Bank, near Temple Sowerby in Cumbria, is one of the first places to benefit from a new partnership with renewable electricity supplier Good Energy, aimed at reducing the Trust’s reliance on fossil fuels. The 16th century house at Temple Sowerby was previously using around 26,000 litres of oil each year. This is the same volume as filling up Acorn Bank’s historic pond every month. But now, thanks to funding from Good Energy, two 50-year-old boilers at the Grade I Listed property have been replaced with a new wood-fuelled biomass system.
Our commitment to renewables
The renewable energy project forms part of a wider aim - that by 2020 the Trust will have reduced its energy consumption by 20 per cent and be producing half the remaining energy from renewable sources. Sara Braithwaite, custodian for Acorn Bank said:
'This new biomass boiler is fantastic because it not only provides a much more efficient heating solution but it is also better for the environment and our treasured biodiversity, including salmon, trout and newts. When installing the system, we had to work really carefully to ensure there was no impact to the historic building, and we actually managed to improve the façade and the roof on the old coal bunker in the process. Now the boiler just purrs away and it’s running off locally-sourced wood pellets. Every measure we take helps to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve this special place for the generations to follow us.'
Charmaine Coutinho, Business Development Manager at Good Energy said:
'We hope visitors will be inspired when they see renewable energy in action at such a beautiful place. The idyllic location demonstrates why it is so important to look after the environment and lower our carbon emissions.'
Supported by you
This project is funded by customers on our main certified green electricity tariff. As well as guaranteeing that all the electricity they use in a year is sourced from renewables, the tariff also finances sustainable heat projects for the National Trust. The new biomass boiler will help Acorn Bank to cut its use of fossil fuels and save approximately 80 tonnes of carbon emission per year.
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