Killerton beef wins Fine Farm Produce Awards 2014

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It’s official: the Red Ruby Devon beef, produced by Sally and Neil Grigg at Burrow Farm on the Killerton Estate, is delicious.

Award winning

After a day sampling some of the best food, drink and other products the country has to offer, the judges of the Trust’s 2014 Fine Farm Produce Awards crowned the Griggs’ beef Overall Food Winner.
If you visit Killerton House, be sure to pay a visit to the café, where you can judge this beef for yourself. It’s on the menu all year round.
It was the texture and flavour that made their mince, topside and steak stand out for the judges. The mince was praised for its ‘distinctive buttery taste’, the topside for its ‘beautifully soft texture and blackcurrant sweetness’, and the steak for its ‘sweet flavour and even fat content’.

Welfare matters

So what is the Griggs’ secret? ‘We keep our cattle outside most of the time, and their diet is mainly grass,’ says Sally. ‘They graze along the meadows of the River Clyst, which runs through our farm. I’m sure not being stressed has an impact on the quality of their meat.
‘We’ve won an award for our beef for the last three years and each year we’ve taken on board the judges’ feedback and we’ve tried to improve our product. And now to finally be named the overall winner: we’re absolutely delighted.’