School Visits: Workshops

Masters & Servants at Hanbury Hall

Our expert learning team offer exciting workshops which can be tailored for different ages, abilities and curriculums.

Indoor Workshops

From drama workshops in ancient Greece to life as a WWII evacuee, we offer lots of hands on activities to help children learn more about our past.

Ancient Greeks 

‘Discover gods and goddesses, heroes and beasts…’ 

Through our beautiful wall and ceiling paintings by Sir James Thornhill pupils will begin to discover more about the ancient world; delving into tales of Greek gods and goddesses, myths and legends and the legacy of the ancient Greeks. In our drama workshop pupils will act out the story of the Greek hero Achilles, developing historical enquiry skills as we consider whether his tale is ‘truth or myth?’

Masters & Servants

‘Step back in time…’

Discover what life was like at Hanbury Hall for the Vernon family and their servants. In this interactive session, pupils will meet members of the Vernon family and their staff, including the butler, housekeeper and governess. As prospective servants, children will explore the house and meet Sir Harry and Lady Georgina Vernon as they start their day. Then it’s off downstairs, under the watchful eye of the housekeeper and butler, to experience life as a servant.

World War II

‘Make do and mend…’

Evacuee life in the Second World War. With real life stories, students experience what life would have been like as an evacuee at Hanbury Hall during the 1940s. They will meet Lady Doris and Sir George and discover what they are doing to aid the war effort, find out from the servants how rationing affected rich and poor, learn what duties would be expected of them in the house and even experience an ‘air raid’. Students will also get ‘hands on’ with real World War ll artefacts to discover more about daily life, rationing and self-sufficiency.

Pond Dipping at Hanbury Hall
Pond Dipping at Hanbury Hall
Pond Dipping at Hanbury Hall

From pond dipping to map making, we offer lots of hands on activities to help children learn more about the outdoors, habitats and wildlife.

Mini Beasts

‘We’re all going on a minibeast hunt… we’re not scared!’

Pull on your wellies and waterproofs and join us as we hunt for mini beasts in the gardens of Hanbury Hall. Discover what lurks in our woodland log pile, play camouflage games in our orchard and spend time pond dipping for water mini beasts by the Mirror Pool. Each session encourages children to get ‘hands on’ with nature and find out more about invertebrates and their part in our ecosystem.

Please note that our outdoor workshops are seasonal and only available between March-October.