Spring gardens at Hanbury

Walk amongst the daffodils at Hanbury Hall

From the moment anyone arrives at Hanbury in spring they’re greeted by a sweet, mysterious scent in the air.

The perfume drifts from our avenues of lime trees, Tilia x Europaea and accompanies the visitor toward the forecourt flanked with containers of Tulipa ‘Estella Rijnveld’. 

Spring flowers at Hanbury Hall

The Parterre at Hanbury heralds the arrival of spring of each year with a unique historical feature, the ribbon border. This dense, vibrant strip of almost 5000 spring bulbs encircles the upper level of the Parterre. Though only in flower at once for a brief period, the border makes for a stunning sight and contains some varieties contemporary with the eighteenth-century style garden, like Narcissus telamonius plenus of pre-1620 and Tulipa ‘Keizerskroon’ first registered in 1750. On a warm day, the unexpected scent of the ribbon border, really lifts the spirits and reminds us that summer isn’t too far away. 

As visitors move to the later, less formal gardens, walkways are fringed with Primulas. The scene in the walled orchard in spring is quite overwhelming, with an abundance of apple blossom on the trees. Further afield Kytes orchard hosts yet more apple blossom, floating above naturalised drifts of Narcissus and Fritillaria before views out to the Worcestershire landscape beyond.   

Apple blossom at Hanbury Hall