Hanbury Garden Quiche

One of our visitor's favourites. Made with a sweet potato base, this recipe a perfect alternative to the traditional quiche and will use up any fresh veg you have in your garden!

Main courses
Hanbury garden quiche, made with produce out of our walled garden
  • Preparation time 30 minutes (prep. time)
  • Cooking time 40- 50 minutes (cooking time)
  • Serves 8


For the base:

  • 700g Sweet potato
  • 120g Cheddar cheese
  • Eggs
  • 1 tsp Chilli Flakes


For the filling:

Please note: you could use most vegetables in your quiche but these are the vegetables that we use in ours.

  • 7 Eggs
  • 250ml Milk
  • 250ml Cream
  • 20g Garden herbs (Thyme and Basil)
  • 150g Smoked cheddar cheese
  • 200g Spinach
  • 100g Spring onions
  • 100g Garden peas


For the base:

  1. Pre heat the oven to 170c (150 fan)/ 340f/ gas mark 4.
  2. Peel the sweet potatoes and then grate them along with the cheese.
  3. Mix the eggs and chilli flakes in with the grated sweet potato and cheese.
  4. Once it is all mixed in together, then compress the base mix into a shallow round tin. Make sure it is compressed enough that none of the filling will escape once it is poured in.
  5. Then blind bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

For the filling:

  1. Combine the milk and the cream, and then add the eggs and mix together.
  2. Then add the spinach, spring onions, peas and herbs.
  3. Once everything has been added to the mix, pour it into the base of the quiche making sure it doesn't over flow.
  4. Then place in the oven for 30-40 minutes until there is a firm but wobbly filling that is golden brown on the top.
  5. Serve up with a salad and some new potatoes and enjoy!