Hardwick Hall Building Repairs Project

Hardwick stonemason carving letters in the flagstone

Hardwick Hall occupies a lofty and exposed position; built of soft local sandstone, wind and water take their toll. The hall requires constant repair to maintain the building, protect its contents, and ensure visitor enjoyment.  The level of upkeep is such that there have been masons working on the hall ever since it was built.

The stonework on this internationally renowned building continues to deteriorate and its ongoing care is an important priority for the team that look after Hardwick.  As part of this work Hardwick is currently working to a ten year repair and maintenance plan. This plan ensures the building is wind and water proof and not rapidly deteriorating.  This also protects its internationally renowned collection.

The first three years of this plan have already been undertaken and regular visitors to the hall may recall seeing scaffolding on the gate house, on the back of the hall, and now on the front of the Hall.

The flagstones across the front of the hall will not be accessible (apart from a path to the front door of the hall). The grass near the hall will be covered with rubber matting with ramps on and off the grassed areas. The scaffolding for this phase of works will be in place for several months.

The scaffolding on the front of the hall is to enable the skilled Hardwick masons to undertake important high level masonry repairs by hand. This work will include repairing damaged ashlars (square cut facing stones), repointing between the stones, and replacing damaged or missing flaunching – the sloped seal of mortar around the windows.

Latest updates

02 Dec 20

West Loggia ceiling following removal of modern plasterwork

The entrance to the Hall, looking up, looks a little different here as the modern plasterwork has been removed to inspect the timberwork beneath. Some timbers have needed to be replaced following erosion. Some sections of the original timbers were found to be still in-situ with no evidence for having been lifted since their initial fixing in the 1590s.

West Loggia roof repairs at Hardwick Hall

02 Sep 19

East Loggia Column

The Hardwick stone masons have been busy yet again this month, and one of our columns on the East Loggia is now boasting a new base, collar, and capital. The next stage of the work is for a specialist to work to the plaster on the drums of the column. As you can see from the photo on this particular column there is more than a finishing coat required!

Hardwick building repairs project - column base replacement

01 Aug 19

East Loggia Column

Back in February we posted a picture of the stone masons working on a column base for one of the East Loggia columns. Well here it is in place. It really shows how the old bases have been effected by the elements.

Hardwick buildings project - column base replacement