Reopening the Hall at Hardwick

The Elizabethan Hall at Hardwick is open. Discover everything you need to know for your visit.

  • The hall is currently closed until 12 February due to conservation and essential building works.
  • From the 27 January 2022 face coverings are no longer required. Poeple are still advised to wear face covering in closed or crowded spaces.

We are looking forward to welcoing you back in February. Join us to explore and enjoy the fascinating history and collections in the magnificent Hall. 

See Bess's processional route

Download the PDF to see the main route.

Reopening the Hall (PDF / 0.3876953125MB) download

Launching our new pin badge

As we reopen the Hall, we are excited to be launching the new Hardwick pin badge.

Hardwick pin badge
Hardwick pin badge
Hardwick pin badge

Hardwick Hall occupies a lofty and exposed position; built of soft local sandstone, wind and water take their toll. Currently in year 5 of a 10 year project, this phase of work is costing £650,000 and is the work on the West Loggia, also known as the colonnade on the front of the Hall. Work has recently and is currently being done to the roof, the ceiling and these iconic Hardwick columns including new collars made by Hardwick stonemasons. We are fortunate to have received vital funding from DCMS.

With 5 more years left in this project, we have launched a pin badge to further support our fundraising efforts. The pin badge is a little miniature of the front of the Hall and you can even see a tiny ‘ES’ which adorns the top of the Hall. Purchase your on your next visit to Hardwick.