Fighting Back: Box Blight Part 3

Ickworth box blight

An update on how we are tackling our Italianate's Gardens biggest threat; Box Blight.

Our Outdoors team are well underway with the work in the Italianate Garden to deal with the Blight affecting our Box hedging. We spent the autumn months cutting down the avenue hedges themselves and burning all the brash, saving any useable wood. Since then, and in between the rain, sleet and snow, progress has been good with the mini-digger removing all of the stumps and creating a trench along both main avenues through the garden.

One side of the path had a slightly bigger trench dug to enable us to lay down some piping, meaning that we can run water around the gardens a lot more easily, and without the need to have hosepipes everywhere. This was then backfilled, and over the last few weeks we have had over 100 bags of pre-mixed soil, manure and grit delivered which will provide a good growing medium for the new Yew hedge.

Work around the Temple Garden
Box blight Ickworth
Work around the Temple Garden

We are well over halfway through phase 2 of the project, and with material now coming back into the garden, it feels like the end of this phase is in sight and the gardens will be on their way to looking their best again by Spring. Over the next month or so we will be planting around 1400 Yew trees, adding a layer of mulch on top of the soil and installing irrigation, before contractors come in and re-lay the pathway which will be the finishing touch.

You can still help us in our project, by sponsoring one of our Yew trees which will be planted this winter, and be a part of the next stage of our gardens development. Download a donation form today Grow our Gardens - Sponsor a Yew (PDF / 0.8125MB) download or talk to a member of staff.