Making your Mark

signing slates Ickworth

As part of Ickworth's ambitious conservation works, we are inviting you to become a part of history by signing the slate which will re-tile the Rotunda roof.

During Ickworth Uncovered construction experts will cut and shape Westmorland green slate, on site to fit the Rotunda roof, a process which was first completed at Ickworth in 1806.

Back to the modern day, and a specialist construction team will be replacing 7,000 slates weighing 42 tonnes, taking them off the domed roof and individually shaping each new slate to create the dome.

The new slate, which is the same type of slate that was put on the roof over two hundred years before, will make it's way up onto the roof. Supporters and visitors of Ickworth will now be able to inscribe their own names and messages onto the slate and make their own legacy.

" This is a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on Ickworth, to support our conservation project, on a roof which will be there for hundreds of years to come. The signatures we receive will be a testament to the visitors who have and continue to support and love Ickworth."
- Tim Watson, General Manager

We are also giving visitors the chance to buy the old slate off of the roof, to include a piece of Ickworth in their own home or project. Visit our Project Studio by the West Wing to find out how you can support the project and become a part of history.