A day in the life

Head Chef, Ickworth

Josh Evans - Head Chef

Meet Josh as he talks about how Ickworth and its landscape inspires the food he creates.

Josh profile shot

'I start my day early so I can make sure everything is ready for the day. I head down to the kitchen to prepare for lunch, whether it be a carrot cake or a batch of pea lettuce and mint soup. At Ickworth we are passionate about the ingredients we use, so use as much locally sourced produce as possible. This could be food from Ickworth’s walled garden and wild produce, for example wild garlic and cheddar tart. We also link our recipes to Ickworth, so we might follow a historic Ickworth recipe and produce a Hervey family favourite, such as a Raspberry Puff.

A family favourite here at Ickworth is the Raspberry Puff
Ickworth Raspberry Puff
A family favourite here at Ickworth is the Raspberry Puff

Then it’s straight onto lunch service: the Cafés at Ickworth see a variety of people on a day to day basis. We see lots of parents and young children, exploring the play area and then having a leisurely lunch – after all it’s really tiring work den building and exploring our acres of parkland!  We also see friends and groups’ making the most of the walks Ickworth has to offer, and grab a warming hot chocolate from our Porters Lodge Café. Those who want the quiet, calm space away from the busyness can enjoy our new Squash Court Café (opening soon!)

In the afternoon we are already getting ready for the next day, sourcing our ingredients and working on providing tantalising menu options. All the while supporting my fantastic team and making sure everyone is happy with what they are doing for the day.

Enjoy a selection of tasty treats in the West Wing Restaurant
Visitors enjoying soup, tea and cake in our restaurant
Enjoy a selection of tasty treats in the West Wing Restaurant

Ickworth is such a beautiful place, with the lambs in the spring bouncing down the main driveway to the snow in winter making Ickworth look like a scene from Frozen. The people here make work fun and we are a close knit team who all share the passion for Ickworth.

" I really enjoy my job and feel I’ve developed and grown into the role. It provides such variety on a day to day basis. I feel very lucky to work here."
- Josh Evans

Working for the Trust means you can be a chef, cook brilliant food, work with amazing group of people and work somewhere which cares about food. The Trusts ethos is about providing engaging food experiences for visitors and sourcing ingredients responsibly to produce fresh, seasonal food from scratch. For example we have recently changed our drink suppliers to Luscombe, which is a family owned business in Devon. They spend time with the growers, making sure fruit is grown organically and in a nature friendly way to extract the best of the flavour.

One last great thing about working here…the hours – no ridiculously long days and evenings!'

We currently have job vacancies, so to find out more visit the National Trust Jobs and search for Ickworth..we look forward to you joining us soon!