Cherry Almond Scone of the Month

Take home a slice of Ickworth with you and try out our March Scone of the Month...a mouth watering treat!

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cherry almond sotm ickworth
  • Preparation time 15 mins (prep. time)
  • Cooking time 20 mins (cooking time)
  • Serves 16


900 grams Self Raising Flour

100 grams Caster Sugar

40 grams of Cherry pie filling

225 grams Cooking Margarine

2 Free Range Eggs

200 ml fresk milk

20 grams Flaked Almonds

50 grams Glazed Cherries

300 grams Icing Sugar

15 ml Almond Essence


  1. Place the flour, caster sugar and margarine into a mixer and mix until a breadcrumb like texture is formed.
  2. Add the eggs, milk and almond essence.
  3. Remove once the dough has been formed.
  4. On a floured bench roll out the dough to a thickness of around 3cms, and cut out with a 5cm pastry ring.
  5. Once cut out, in the centre of the scones lace your thumb into the centre to create a well.
  6. Spoon in a little of the cherry pie filling. 
  7. Bake at 155 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.
  8. Allow the scones to cool, while cooling mix the icing sugar and a little warm water together to make a glaze.
  9. Once the scones have cooled dip the top of the scone into the icing glaze, place half a glace cherry in the centre (covering the pie filling) and sprinkle a few flaked almonds over the top.

Best served with our National Trust sour cherry curd!