Behind Closed Doors

The mansion doors are wide open with fields of cows beyond

The House and Collections Team are always dusting, cleaning and on constant bug watch-all to keep the house spick and span.

The floors have been buffed, the windows have been washed, carpets have been tamped, silver has been polished, furniture waxed, and brass rubbed. Finally, after 6 long months we welcomed back our delightful Room Guides and on 17th May at 1300 hours Killerton re-opened its doors!

The place is alive again, and after a wet old May it looks like the sun is finally coming out to play. The House team are back to full-strength and are busy preparing and running the mansion on a daily basis. Looking forward we hope to re-open the fashion exhibition and laundry on 21st June and are preparing to welcome back our Conservation volunteers
Dust and dirt wait for no man, or indeed woman…

Almost ready to reopen the doors of Killerton house
Collection Assistant, Rob, sweeping the entrance to the mansion
Almost ready to reopen the doors of Killerton house

Collections Assistant, Rob, has been polishing and sweeping. We were particularly impressed that he managed to find a broom that complimented the colour of his trousers!