Can you find a champion conker?

Child with a handful of conkers at Castle Coole, County Fermanagh

It's conker time at Killerton and the horse chestnuts are full of fun. Pick a conker and challenge someone to a game.

This autumn, a walk around the parkland will leave you with bags full of conkers as the horse chestnut trees drop their fruit. Have you got a special way to prepare you conkers for battle? Is there a family secret strategy passed down through the years to help you win?

Go in search of conkers at our places
Searching for conkers
Go in search of conkers at our places

Where will you find the best conkers this autumn?

  1. The Clump is full of sweet chestnut trees and is a great place for an adventurous walk in search of the perfect conker. You'll be treated to amazing autumn views of the surround countryside.
  2. Front Park is a great place to take your four-legged friend on the hunt for conkers. Look out for rooks and jackdaws as they flock together in the trees and get their autumn roosts ready.
  3. Danes Wood is a little off the beaten track but could be home to the champion conker. You can park there or walk there across Front Park, leaving your car at Killerton and making sure you've got an excuse to visit the Stables cafe on the way back.
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Stretch your legs at Killerton

Whether you're here for a dog walk, a gentle stroll to enjoy the views, or an adventure with your young explorers, the outdoors at Killerton has a walk for you.