Would you like to be part of Killerton’s history?

A collection of century old camera negatives tucked away inside the roof have been discovered during the major roof repairs. Possibly hidden by the Acland family in the 1920s to be found years later, they have inspired us to create a time capsule. We'd love you to send us your memories of Killerton, scroll down for how to share your stories.

What do the photos show?

Photos include what is thought to be family pets, foreign travels and a young Sir Richard Acland in knitted swimwear and a big rubber ring, about to take a dip in what it thought to be the river near Columbjohn on the estate. Sir Richard, probably a teenager when the photo was taken, went on to leave the large Killerton Estate in the care of the Trust as of his socialist beliefs. 

It's thought that Sir Francis and Eleanor Acland concealed the negatives during repairs to the roof almost a century ago. Almost half have been carefully photographed by a Killerton volunteer. 

Share your memories

We've been inspired to place our own time capsule inside Killerton's roof and we'd love to include your memories of this special estate. Your memories will become part of Killerton's history.

You can also pop us an email or put your memories in the post to Killerton.

" During their own roof works we think the Acland’s at the time decided to leave a legacy of their memories - and they’ve inspired us to do the same. This is an exciting opportunity – we’d love you to be part of it. So many people love Killerton – it’ll be lovely for future generations to read why this place is so special to us today. There are places in the pictures that we don’t recognise and we’d also like the public to take a look to help us identify them. "
- Bryony Wilde, Project Officer

Can you help us identify the places in the images?

Have a scroll of the photos, can you help us identify the places? If you can, please get in touch with us.

" We’ve found loads when stripping the roof -cigarette packets, a bit of newspaper from 1874 and handwritten notes and sketches. It’s always nice to find things – it’s a snapshot in time. The negatives were tucked away between roof rafters"
- Gareth Fear, Carpenter at Ken Biggs Contractors

What will happen to the capsule?

You've got until Monday 24 July to submit your memories. The capsule will be sealed inside the roof void by the construction workers later this month. It is very likely to remain in situ until the roof needs replacing, expected to be in around 80-100 years’ time. Copies of the Acland’s 1920s photos will be included and returned to the roof.

Can you help us identify the places in these Acland family pictures?
A pile of over 30 negatives have been found at Killerton House
Over 30 Acland negatives have been discovered in Killerton's roof. Can you help us identify them?
Acland family images have been found hidden in the roof during major roof repairs