Danes Wood

A small enchanting woodland that is a haven to nature.

Home to many ancient Chestnut and Oak trees, Danes Wood is a wonderful place to get off of the beaten track for a dog walk or quiet stroll.

The serene forest glades hide a restless past, as the wood was named after a band of Viking raiders who camped there.

Buzzard in flight
Buzzard in flight
Buzzard in flight

In the spring the wood bursts to life with snowdrops and then bluebells carpeting the forest floor. Come the summer Danes wood is a retreat from the crowds, stop and listen to the songbirds, and look out for buzzards wheeling overhead.

Autumn views from Danes Wood across the parkland reveal a landscape on fire as the leaves change to red and gold.

Danes Wood, Killerton

Danes Wood walk

An enchanting walk through nearby Danes Wood, a haven for wildlife with the perfect habitat for insects, small mammals and birds.