Five of the best places to play

Explore the parkland this winter.

There are all sorts of places to play at Killerton, from woods to parkland. Here are five of the best places to play when you visit, but the opportunities for a fun and playful visit are endless.


1. The Clump den building

After an adventurous climb up to the top of the Clump - the highest point at Killerton - you'll find a den building area where you can test your skills.

2. Sparrow Park

Two fallen veteran trees are a great place for clambering and climbing. Look out for big fungi growing on them in autumn and winter.

3.. Swings

Keep your eyes open for swings as you explore the park. We often move them to new places, so ask in visitor reception for their latest location.

4. Park Wood den building

The more adventurous visitor might enjoy a walk to Park Wood where they will discover a secluded den building site. It makes a great place for a family afternoon creating the perfect forest shelter.

5. The lost house

It's an adventurous walk to the lost house but a great place for young imaginations and budding archaeologists.