Cherry blossom at Kingston Lacy

Cherry blossom at Kingston Lacy in Dorset

Cherry blossom is a sure sign that spring has arrived in the garden at Kingston Lacy. Nature's own confetti, nothing lifts the spirits quite like the simple beauty of pink or white petals adorning the cherry trees in the Japanese Garden in the springtime.

Depending on the weather, late spring is the best time to see the blossom blooming on the cherry trees in the Cherry Garden, Quarry Garden and Japanese Tea Garden at Kingston Lacy. This time of year also sees the magnolias and azaleas and rhododendrons starting to open so it is the perfect time to experience some of nature’s show-stoppers in the garden at Kingston Lacy.

" Every year I look forward to the cherry blossom appearing as it means that spring has well and truly arrived. Visitors at this time of year will see the pink blossom of the varieties ‘Pandora’ and 'Shogestsu' and the creamy white 'Ukon'. Perhaps the most impressive tree in the collection is the 'Tai-Haku' (Great white cherry).  This is a vast tree and its white blossom is looking spectacular."
- Andrew Hunt, Head Gardener

The Sakura Cherry Tree project at Kingston Lacy

A hundred cherry trees were planted in the Japanese Garden in February 2021, part of a British-Japanese project to celebrate cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

Kingston Lacy was gifted the trees by the Sakura Cherry Tree project ( More than a century ago, Henrietta Bankes developed a fascination with Japanese gardens that led her to create her own Tea Garden, which was restored by the Trust in 2005 with a rich diversity of plants native to Japan, from bamboo to maples to cherries.

In Japanese culture the cherry blossom represents both a new beginning and the fragility of life. Not only beautiful on the trees; the blossom creates a magical effect as it falls like snow to the ground.

Now, the peaceful and tranquil gardens have been further enhanced, helping to ensure that this space offers a magnificent display of blossom every spring for generations to come. 

Pollinators enjoying the cherry blossom in the Japanese Garden
Blossom in the Kingston Lacy Japanese garden
Pollinators enjoying the cherry blossom in the Japanese Garden