Head Gardener's Pick

Early summer sees roses blooming in the Rose Garden and Baffle Border at Kingston Lacy

Throughout this month our gardeners will be busy watering, feeding, weeding and deadheading the flower beds and borders, as well as mowing, strimming and edging lawns and grassy paths. In the Kitchen Garden harvesting of summer produce will begin. There is so much to see all over the garden but here are the top five plants to look out for throughout June.

  1. Rosa ‘Quatre Saisons', Rose ‘Quatre Saisons’

    An old damask rose - this lovely double specimen has clear pink petals with a very strong fragrance perfuming the air. It’s just one of many different roses flowering here this month. This rose can be found in the Baffle border, the Rose Garden and the Kitchen Garden.

  2. Allium cristophii, Star of Persia

    The showy flower heads of alliums continue with their dramatic displays. This ornamental onion has a lovely metallic sheen on the multitude of star-shaped violet flowers. Find these in the Baffle border near the house.

  3. Lupinus ‘The Governor’, Lupin

    The towering spikes of this lupin are one example of of the many stunning herbaceous perennials bursting into flower in the borders around the gardens. This Lupin can be found on Cedar Walk.

  4. Tilia x europea, Common lime

    Stroll along under the majestic old lime trees to smell the scented blossom and listen to the sound of the bees as they collect the pollen to take to our hives. We collect the honey to sell in the shop. You can find these wonderful trees on Lime Avenue, on the South Lawn and in the Victorian Fernery.

  5. Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip tree

    These large flowers in greenish-yellow hues with dashes of red and orange are very striking in detail - look up to spot them on this wonderful specimen tree. Don’t miss the tulip shaped leaves changing colour in autumn. Find this tree in Nursery Wood.