Isobel Barber, Papercut Artist


Isobel Barber - ______

Isobel Barber is a Paper Set Maker, living and creating in Dorset. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2012 with a degree in Textile design, where she specialised in creating 3D sculptures using layers of card and cut paper. Isobel continues to use this method to create both miniature and larger than life sets which live in advertisements, magazines, shop windows and many more places, across the globe.

Bringing paper to Christmas at Kingston Lacy

In 2018, using beautiful pearlescent papers and card, sourced from as far as Italy, Isobel created a series of shimmering 3d paper artworks, to festively decorate the Saloon and the Dining Room at Kingston Lacy, bringing the Christmas spirit of Frances and Henrietta Bankes to life.

Hundreds of paper flowers were handmade to adorn the Christmas tree in the Dining Room alongside a paper Edwardian feast that represented the type of food Henrietta would have served at Christmases past. In the Saloon Isobel took inspiration from objects and shapes within the room and created paper fans for the tree to represent the key moments in the life of Frances Bankes such as the Ball she threw in 1791. Many beautifully crafted Christmas presents, also created by Isobel, rested under the trees in each room.

A team effort

With work commencing as early as September, staff and volunteers have spent many an evening cutting out paper templates, gluing and sticking. The result... a breathtakingly beautiful scene that brought a contemporary and creative feel to Christmas at Kingston Lacy and echoed the spectacular Christmases that would have taken place over the last 400 years.  

" Working on Christmas at Kingston Lacy has been my most special and sentimental project to date. I have been a Kingston Lacy Christmas visitor since I was in a pram! Born and brought up in Wimborne, a visit to the Bankes’ family home over the festive period has been, and still is, one of the most special parts of my family's Christmas traditions."
- Isobel Barber