Autumn walks on the Isle of Wight

Autumn is a magical season to go walking in. Changing colours, migrating wildlife, and atmospheric landscapes filled with mists, mean that there is always something to see. In the woods the leaves turn to red and gold, whilst the downs are covered in a carpet of purple heather. Across the countryside, bracken turns from the vivid green of summer to the russet of autumn, and wood smoke fills the air. If you come along to one of our walks, we'll help you discover many of these seasonal changes. And every transformation you spot helps support the return of new life in the spring.

Autumn colours on the side of Ventnor Down

Autumn Migrants of Ventnor Downs

Mon 9 Sept 8-10am. Guided. 2.5 miles. Booking essential on 01983 741020. Head to the Island’s highest point and you’ll see not only breath-taking views across land and sea, but this autumn our ranger will help you spot the seasonal wildlife that grows and lives here too.

Three barn swallows in a row on a barbed wire line.

Wildlife Walk: Migrant Birds on Afton Down

Fri 20 Sept 9-11.30am. Guided. 3 miles. As the last of the summer migrant birds leave and the first winter visitors make an appearance, our ranger will guide you across Afton Downs on a moderately strenuous walk. Along the way, we’ll look out for resident birds too and discover the autumn wildlife of this windswept downland.

Bird watcher with binoculars

Birdwatching walks at Newtown

Various dates. Guided. 3 miles. As autumn makes way for winter, so to do the last of the summer birds for winter migrants at Newtown. The skies above and creeks below fill with birds as the last autumn leaves fall in the woods. We’re running a series of easy guided walks throughout the season so that you can spot, month after month, the changing birdlife at Newtown. Each walk is expected to last around two and a half hours and is perfect for anyone new to birdwatching.

Early morning light over Newtown creek

Autumn walking

If you can’t make it to one of our events, or would like to explore further, there are plenty of other places to walk. Discover more of the Island this autumn with our walking trails to download and print.