Looking after Herefordshire this winter

Every penny counts when it comes to taking care of our Herefordshire places. Vital conservation work is only possible with your support and winter is a busy time for taking care of our collections indoors and out. Find out what we do to keep our places special...

A member of the conservation team carrying out checks on a radiator

Conservation at Berrington

Our environmental work at Berrington has a high priority. See what we're up to and add your own ideas.

A volunteer holds an historic document up to the light at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

The winter clean gets underway at Croft Castle

Find out what our conservation team get up to during the winter months.

Replanting the orchard

Conservation of our Orchards

The Brockhampton Rangers and a team of dedicated volunteers are in the process of replanting the historic orchards on the estate.

Glass house in the walled garden

The walled garden

With it's origins back in the early 19th century, come and see how the walled garden has been recently restored