Perfect picnic spots

Whether you’re catching up with friends or spending time with family, there’s no simpler joy than sharing a picnic in the great outdoors. From sunlit hill-tops to shady riverbanks, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you find the perfect location, not to mention delicious recipes and even a few ideas to make your picnic more sustainable.

Throwing a picnic together and venturing into the great outdoors is a great option for a day out – whether you’re visiting one of the places that we care for, or just heading to your local park.

Both adults and little ones can benefit from spending a bit of time out in nature, whether you’re taking a moment to listen to the birdsong, or letting the kids burn off some energy with a run-around. With the promise of a tasty picnic, you’ll have no problem getting the whole family out to explore.

There’s some important information you need to know before heading off on your picnic adventures as not all the places you love will be open just yet. You can find out what's open and whether you need to book below.

Please check property web pages to see what picnic facilities they have available.

In England, we're pleased to have been able to keep our gardens, parks and outdoor spaces open through the current lockdown. From 2 December, we'll be able to reopen some houses and welcome you to sit in our cafés again. In tier 3, indoor areas will remain closed and cafés will be takeaway only. Please follow your area's tiering system and government guidance when planning a visit.

Following Welsh government guidance, all places in Wales are now open for Wales residents, and we're pleased to be welcoming many of you again.

In line with Northern Ireland Executive circuit break restrictions, our gardens and parks in Northern Ireland will open from 28 November. All houses, shops and visitor centres will stay closed during the circuit break until 11 December, and cafés will be takeaway only.

Before visiting, please always check local and national government guidance on travelling. You can check the property webpage in case of local restrictions. We're following government advice closely and will reopen more places as soon as we can. 

Visitors on an Easter egg hunt at Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

Plan and book your visit 

There is a booking system at many of our places for safety, so please always check before you visit to avoid disappointment. Find out which of your local places are open and whether you need to book your visit.

What's your picnic personality?

Do you pack your hamper full of indulgent treats such as pies, strawberry cheesecake and something sparkly? Or do you prefer to stuff your backpack full of snacks to enjoy on the go? Whatever your style or taste, we’ve got lots of  delicious recipes for you to try out for National Picnic Week. Choose your picnic personality below to discover a scrumptious recipe that will tickle your taste buds this summer. 






How to make personalised sausage rolls

It’s picnic season so we've put our own twist on one of the nation’s favourite snacks – the humble sausage roll. Watch, our Development Chef, Rebecca Janaway, make three different types of sausage roll to cater for all tastes and personalities.

Tasty picnic treats

The perfect companion for tea or coffee, an indulgent vegan chocolate fudge cake

Vegetarian and vegan recipes  

We've got some delicious vegan and vegetarian snacks that are perfect for picnics. Mushroom and thyme rolls, coronation cauliflower and couscous salad and chocolate fudge cake are just some that you could try.

Get more inspiration for your perfect picnic Browse our recipes
Tips for a sustainable picnic

One of the main perks of a picnic is getting to spend time in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for ways to help take care of the world around you, then why not try our four tips for a more sustainable picnic?

Barbeques and campfires are a significant fire risk

Our policy on BBQs 

Due to a high risk of wildfires at the moment, we're asking you to please not bring a barbecue or light a campfire when you visit the coast and countryside. To help protect wildlife, please also take any litter home with you.

Picnic essentials

Picnic fun and adventure
Child in red jack climbing tree on wimpole estate

Activities for mini explorers 

Picnicking with young adventurers? Why not let them explore the wild world around them by trying some of the '50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities? From going barefoot and feeling the grass under their feet, to playing Pooh sticks or getting to know a tree throughout the changing seasons – there are plenty of ways to get them out and into nature.