Picnics West Midlands

Pack up a picnic basket and head off to one of our places in the West Midlands to enjoy a relaxing lunch or tea outside.

Picnic at Packwood House, Warwickshire

Enjoy a picnic at Packwood 

There are lots of places to enjoy your picnic at Packwood. Find out here.

Families picnicing on the lawn

Picnic with the whole family at Upton House 

Prepare a feast for the family and bring it with you or pick up supplies at the restaurant while you are here. Either way, there are lots of lovely spots to choose from to take a break and enjoy the gardens.

Pick up everything you need for a picnic from Charlecote Park's tea-room

Pack up a picnic at Charlecote 

Why not bring a picnic today? There's lots of space for a picnic blanket and there are benches near the river too.

A family eating a picnic in the sunshine at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

Picnicking at Croft 

Discover the best spots to tuck into your picnic.

A green hairstreak butterfly

Picnics at Kinver 

There's a wealth of wildlife at Kinver Edge that you could spot while enjoying a picnic.