Rangers' favourite autumn walks in the Lake District

Our Countryside Rangers work outside all day and know the landscape like the back of their hands. We can't think of anyone better to ask for their autumn walk recommendations.

A woman stepping on stones at Stickle Tarn
Walking trail

Peter Stevens, Academy Ranger for Langdale  

Stickle Tarn trail is my favourite. The small scramble section and gyhll crossing make you feel that you’re in the wilderness, and then suddenly the huge man-made reservoir appears. You can clearly see the huge undertaking that man took on all that time ago to create the tarn. Plus, the incline keeps you nice and warm even on a crisp autumn day.

Boats and ducks on Watendlath Tarn, Lake District
Walking trail

Lead Ranger Penny's favourite Borrowdale walk 

My dog Merlin takes me for this walk all the time! It's wonderful for giving a flavour of everything Borrowdale has to offer; fellside, tarns, spectacular views and at this time of year the autumn colours of the Atlantic Oakwoods make it even more special.

The view of Ullswater from Glencoyne
Walking trail

Steven Dowson, Lead Ranger for Ulllswater 

This is my favourite autumn walk. It’s so peaceful at this time of year and there is a large stand of mature European Larch up above Glencoyne Farm that turns a lovely golden colour in early October. The view out across the lake is pretty spectacular too.