Snowdrops and winter gardens in and around Kent

The first spots of colour start peeking through in our gardens and countryside in winter. It's not just the gardens that are starting a new cycle, listen out for birdsong as our feathered friends begin their courtship. Pop into the kitchen garden at Chartwell to see the season's highlights, wander through the wild garden at Bateman's or listen out for birds singing at Ightham Mote. Keep your eyes peeled for the pure white of snowdrops as they begin to grow. By visiting our gardens in winter you help us care for them throughout the seasons.

The White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent

Sissinghurst Castle Garden 

The garden now opens on weekends over winter. Discover the shape, design and structure of this iconic garden revealed. The colder season is also perfect for a quiet walk around the wider frosty estate. Time for woodland wanders with the sun shining through bare trees. Keep an eye out for clumps of snowdrops dotted around the woodland floor and garden.

Lady Clementine's rose garden in winter at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent


The garden at Chartwell is a feast for the eyes year-round. In the colder months, admire the winter border, wander the orchard and circle the lakes. Depending on the season, snowdrops may peak through from late February.

The Old Castle on a frosty morning

Scotney Castle 

The much-photographed views at Scotney Castle look magical with a dusting of frost and a swirl of mist snaking around them. Flashes of colour come from the red and orange whips of dogwood and purple patches of heather. Look out for colourful bark set against bare earth all around the garden.

A wintery view of Bateman's house


The structure of the clipped yew hedges and avenue of pleached limes look crisp and angular with a frosty layer topping them. Bursts of colour can be found in the borders with Hellebores stealing the show. Evergreen shrubs continue to keep the garden looking green and fresh even through the darker winter months. Look out for clumps of snowdrops as you stroll around.

Ightham Mote West Tower

Ightham Mote 

With wintry mists and frosty mornings, the garden and estate at Ightham is beautiful this time of year. Pick up a leaflet from Visitor Reception to follow the trails. You might spy our green-fingered garden team at work with tree surveys or bursts of white snowdrops as you wander round.