Spring walks on the Isle of Wight

With longer days, bird song in the air, bright buds, and new green leaves starting to unfurl, spring is a beautiful time of year for walking on the Isle of Wight. In the woods and across the downs, flowers are starting to blossom, and new life is emerging daily. With over 5000 acres of countryside in our care to choose from, we’ve picked some of the best walks for spotting the signs of spring.

Early morning light over Newtown creek

Dawn Chorus walk

As the sun rises over the creeks, meadows and woods at Newtown, birdsong fills the air as the new day awakens. It might be an early start, but when you come along to our walk on the morning of 7 May, you can experience it for yourself and discover why it's so special. And afterwards, there’ll be a well-deserved warming breakfast, which is just what you need after being up with the lark (£7 for breakfast).

Walkers on Bembridge Down overlooking a calm Sandown Bay

Spring wildlife of Bembridge and Culver Downs

Now that spring has fully sprung and summer is just around the corner, the wildlife of the downs has fully awoken. Flowers, birds and butterflies are everywhere, and on our energetic morning walk across the sweeping chalk downs, we’ll help you spot and identify them. (Thurs 18 May).

Bluebells cover the floor in Borthwood Copse
Walking trail

Purple haze 

If you go down to the woods today….you probably won’t find a bear, but you’re more than likely to find a carpet of purple. From late April, a stroll in Borthwood will take you along paths and tracks that wind between delicate bluebells that cover the woodland floor. And as the copse is full of the sweet smell of these protected flowers, it makes a walk here a real treat for the senses.

Old English goats with kid
Walking trail

High on the hills 

It’s not just the woods that are covered in bluebells in spring. High on Ventnor Downs you’ll also find a profusion of purple dancing in the breeze and shining in the sun. And if you’re really lucky you may even spot some other recent arrivals: baby kids from our herd of Old English feral goats.

A Black-headed gull with wings open, taking off from a wooden post at Newtown National Nature Reserve
Walking trail

New arrivals at Newtown 

A walk at Newtown is the perfect way to discover everything about spring. In the woods, creeks and meadows, migrating summer birds are beginning to arrive and native birds are starting to hatch, filling the air with song. Flowers are blossoming and butterflies and bees are emerging. With so many different types of landscape to discover, Newtown makes a wonderful place to stroll around.

Yellow flowers of a cowslips on the downs on the Isle of Wight
Walking trail

Golden mornings 

Taking a gentle stroll on a sunny spring morning is a lovely way to start the day. Our trail across Culver Downs is suitable for those who are less mobile, so that everyone can enjoy the golden cowslips and primroses that cover the banks and ditches of the fort and surrounding downland.

Peacock Butterfly
Walking trail

Butterfly walk 

After the cold of winter, the bright colour of butterflies dancing and flitting across the downs and meadows is a welcome sight. Although in late spring and summer our countryside is covered with these delicate insects, even in the earlier months of the years you may be lucky enough to spot them on a walk.

The view from Mottistone Down

Spring walking

If you’d like to discover more of our countryside, we’ve plenty of other walks to choose from. You can download your favourite, and print it out, so it’s even easier to explore the beautiful Isle of Wight landscape this spring.