The voices of the suffrage campaign in Kent and East Sussex

To mark 100 years of the passing of the Representation of the People Act, some of our special places in Kent and East Sussex are exploring the struggle for women’s suffrage and the debates it inspired. Through exhibitions, live debate, performance and literature they offer the chance to delve deeper into the lives of women affected by this pivotal point in history. Every time you visit you help us continue to bring our stories to life.

Melanie Wilson's audio drama tells the hidden stories of women at Knole

A Woman’s Place at Knole

Encounter the work of six contemporary artists throughout the house and grounds at Knole. The progression towards equality is highlighted through the stories of women who have contributed to Knole’s spirit and history.

A black and white photo of Kipling and his family

The Female of the Species 

Bateman’s is taking a closer look at the inspiration for Kipling’s The Female of the Species poem this autumn. A series of collection highlights throughout the house will shine a light on the various women in Kipling's life and how they each helped to shape him and his work.

Ellen Terry and Edy Craig at Smallhythe Place

'Triumphant Women' at Smallhythe Place 

2018 marked the 100 year anniversary of women achieving the vote. Across the Trust, we explored the stories and impact of women at the special places we care for in our Women and Power programme. Find out about the powerful women of Smallhythe Place and their roles in the suffrage movement. This was part of our 2018 exhibition and has now finished.

A member of the garden team hard at work

Gardening Women 

As part of our Women and Power celebration for 2018 we're hosting a new exhibition which was co-curated by Dr Catherine Horwood, using her book, Gardening Women. Read on to find out about the history of gardening through the centuries as well as how gardening women made an impact on the suffrage movement.

Portrait of George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston

Female Suffrage: the other side

This Spring and Summer at Bodiam Castle we are exploring Lord Curzon's leadership of the anti-suffrage campaign. Our exhibition 'Female Suffrage: the other side' is part of the 'Women and Power' national programme.