Yorkshire - a dog's eye view

Yorkshire’s got as much to offer canine visitors as human. That’s why our Jack Russell friend, Pig, has shared his favourite things to do in Yorkshire for your four-legged friends to try.

Dog playing in sea with owner


Dogs love the coast. There’s loads of gulls overhead to bark at, driftwood along the beach to play fetch with, and of course the sea to have a splash about in. The Yorkshire coast is prime paddling country, and the coastal paths and bridleways are very dog-friendly.

Pig’s top tip: “My favourite spot is on the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay. I love running into the sea and back out again to shake my coat off. But I have to be careful not to soak my owners if I’m going to get a taste of their fish & chips later.”

Walking the dog in the woods

Sniffing stuff

There’s lots of interesting stuff to snuffle and scents to pick up at National Trust places. Somewhere like Hardcastle Crags has loads of four legged visitors and inhabitants to sniff out. Best for a leisurely walk, maybe, as you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting for Pooch to detangle different scents in the leaf litter.

Pig’s top tip: “The woods are brilliant for getting your senses going. here’s nothing like a scamper on a nice afternoon, with a few moments to stop and sniff in the landscape”.

A table with coffee on it and dogs underneath at the Porters Lodge cafe

Refreshment stops

We all like a walk that ends with a nice drink, and dogs are no different. Though the average pup would prefer a big bowl of water to a cuppa or a pint. So whilst you’re supping your beverage of choice at the end of a long walk with friends at one of our tea-rooms, we’ll make sure your dog can do the same.

Pig’s top tip: “Love stopping for a drink after a walk. Made some great friends around the bowls at Fountains Abbey, Nostell, and East Riddlesden over the years”.

Walkers with dog on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Born free

Open countryside sites like Brimham Rocks, Roseberry Topping, Bridestones, Marsden Moor or the Yorkshire Dales are amazing spots to let your fur down and have a run around. Remember to pack some treats along with your picnic!

Pig’s top tip: “I tried bouldering the other day for the first time at Brimham Rocks – great fun. Give me a big bit of open countryside and I’ll find all sorts of games to play.”

Dog walking on a lead

Looking after places 

We’re sure you’ll love the National Trust places you discover in Yorkshire as much as your dog does. We’re certainly pretty fond of them. That’s why we work so hard to look after them. You can help by doing all the usual stuff, like picking up after your dog and keeping the lead on in busy areas. At certain times of year at some places – for example, those with heather moorland – we’ll ask you to keep your dog on a lead. This is to protect wildlife at particularly vulnerable times – for example, birds nesting on the ground.