Explore 1400 acres of historic parkland

Despite everything going on around it, nature has been ticking along nicely at Lyme and the park is as beautiful as ever. If you are in need of some fresh air and beautiful views why not pay us a visit.

Head out in to the wider estate for walks through woodland and across moor that take in spectactular vistas; walk to Paddock Cottage for views across Manchester and the Cheshire Plain or if you are feeling adventurous, head to Bowstones where you can see seven counties!

For those looking for a gentler stroll, head in to the garden which is open everyday.

Walking at Lyme

View of The Cage from the moor at Lyme, Cheshire

Discover the follies and structures on Lyme's landscape

See the unmissable landmarks on Lyme's landscape, the buildings and structures that make up the sight lines across the park. Discover their rich history alongside wonderful views across Cheshire, Manchester and beyond.

Family fun

There are loads of fun outdoor activities you can do here at Lyme, or in the park or your own back garden. Click the link below to download the whole activity sheet, and see six of our favourite things to do at Lyme.

Children den building at Lyme Cheshire

4. Build a den

Put kids' building skills to the test! Head to Knightslow Wood for perfect den building sites.

Kite flying at the Cage at Lyme, Cheshire

7. Fly a kite

Bring your own or grab one from our shop, head up one of Lyme's many hills and fly your kite!

Family having a picnic on the lawn in the garden at Lyme

9. Eat a picnic in the wild

Who doesn't love a picnic! Bring your favourite treats or pick up snacks from one of our cafes and head out in to the park. Just remember to bring your rubbish back with you!

a young girl holds a snail

17. Pick up a snail

Don't be squeamish! Grab your friends and a few of these slimy creatures and have a race.

Child and father look in the lake in the garden at Lyme, Cheshire

35. Discover what's in a pond

Lots of animals live in water. Take a peek and see what you can spot!

A  child bird spotting with binoculars

44. Watch a bird

Over 80 birds call Lyme home - ones that migrate and ones that live here all year round. See which you can spot on your next visit.

Crow Wood

Crow Wood and the playscape are currently closed  but there are still lots of spaces for children to run around outdoors to let off steam.