Pemberley Walk at Lyme

Walking trail

Follow in the footsteps of Mr Darcy and the BBC film crew. Discover some of the idyllic filming locations from the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

The lake and south front of Lyme Park, Cheshire


Pemberley walk map


Information Kiosk


With the Information Kiosk behind you, follow the main drive to the left, keeping the mill pond on your right and continue over the cattle grid and up the hill. Ignore the turn on your right, continue for a further 150 yards, along the road.

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Just before the clump of four trees, turn left and follow a grassy track. Passing to the right of at the dipping pond, and make for the black gate corner. Go through the gate, followed by a smaller gate in the wire fence on your right and follow this path winding uphill to your right. Soon the path is joined by two more paths, coming in from the right.

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Continue along this path on the ridge straight ahead, with views opening up to the right. You will shortly arrive at Paddock Cottage. To your right is an impressive view across the Cheshire Plain and Manchester.

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Paddock Cottage in all it's glory


Turn your back on the amazing view and take the path downhill to the right, passing a wooden seat carving of a chase. Ignore the gate on the right and pass through the larger gate to the left, and continue with a wire fence on your left and a wall to your right. Continue for another 200 yards past a gate and a stile on your right until you reach another smaller gate. Go through the gate and you have arrived at ‘Darcy’s pond'.

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Go around the pond to your right and follow the wide grassy path across Drinkwater Meadow. In the distance you can see the Cage sitting prominently on the hill in front of you. The track veers to the right and descends to meet a wide and stony track, coming down from the right just above a gate leading to the main car park, continue through the gate and turn right across the car park and back to the Information Kiosk.

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Deer in the grounds of Lyme, Cheshire


From the Information Kiosk follow the sloping path that leads you up to Lyme Hall. At the top pause and try to picture a Regency coach coming down the drive bringing Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, to visit Pemberley. Head under the arch and around the outer courtyard to arrive at the house, walk through the archway and into the inner courtyard.

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The next part of the walk will require a garden ticket which you can get in the Ticket Office. Once in the garden, turn right down the steps and follow the path to the left. Take a minute to look down to the Italian Garden on your right.

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Continue along the path, crossing the bridge and follow the path anti clockwise around the lake. Soon you will glimpse the picture postcard shot that captured the hearts of millions, the iconic view of Lyme as Pemberley as first seen by Elizabeth when she arrived at Pemberley.

A beautiful spring day at Lyme, Cheshire


Continue along the path around the lake, following it up hill. Just before the sets of steps, take the path to your right then turn left to follow the path skirting around the lawn to your right.

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Head down the steps towards the formal flower beds and follow the path to the right to the Orangery. With your back to the Orangery head down the steps, turning right at the bottom. Finally you will be back at the exit of the garden.

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The 19th centruy Orangery at Lyme, Cheshire


The garden at Lyme

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Pemberley Walk at Lyme

How to get here

Information Kiosk in the main car park, Lyme, Disley, Stockport, SK12 2NR
By road

Entrance to Lyme's park is off the A6 only. Parking one mile down the drive.

Pemberley Walk at Lyme

Facilities and access

  • The walk is unfortunately not suitable for push chairs and wheel chair users
  • Car park next to the start of the walk trail
  • Timber Yard cafe a short walk from the car park