Apple chutney

Pick some apples and try this delicious chutney recipe.

Apple in the Orchard
  • Preparation time 24 hours (prep. time)
  • Cooking time 2 hours (cooking time)
  • Serves 6


  •     ¼ lb onions
  •     1½ oz garlic
  •     ¼ lb raisins
  •     ¼ lb ginger
  •     2 draws of cayenne
  •     6 oz mustard seed
  •     1 oz salt
  •     1 lb demerara
  •     1½ pints of vinegar
  •     6 lb apples


  1.     Pare and core the apples.
  2.     Boil them in the vinegar until quite soft, then mix all the other ingredients together as fine as possible.
  3.     Mix in well the mustard seeds (to be used whole).
  4.     Let it stand for a day or more, frequently stirring to let it get blended well, then put in jars for use.
  5.     You can add more cayenne if not as hot as required.

Florence wasn't very specific with her cooking times, so all those given are estimates, so be careful when trying this recipe!