A talented young artist at Plas Newydd

Detail of Rex Whistler's mural at Plas Newydd

Rex Whistler’s magnificent masterpiece at Plas Newydd tells the story of the unrequited love of a contractor and the Marquess’s daughter, woven into the colossal canvas. The painting's imagined setting of mountains, harbours, towns and people, gives you an insight into a bygone era and the life of family and friends at Plas Newydd.

Rex Whistler’s early work

Our exhibition room houses the only permanent collection of Whistler’s work.
He was a man of infinite talent who worked in many fields of art. You can see examples of this in the exhibition room. These include book illustrations, costume and scenery designs for ballet and the theatre, advertising posters and sensitive portraits and landscapes.

Look out for:
•    an illustrated letter about the Queen Mother
•    his poignant, beseeching words to Lady Caroline and his nude portrait of her

Come with us on a journey

Join one of our room guides that'll take you on a journey through the dining room to discover the hidden delights of the mural, the largest canvas painting in UK.

They will guide you from the mountains of Snowdonia through a fantasy landscape of citadels, castles, quaysides and churches.

It's a journey that'll leave you questioning if your eyes can ever be believed again and an experience you'll wish to relive again and again and again.

Remember to ask about:

•    The two boys at one end of the mural? What are they doing?
•    The Gardener and the Gondolier
•    The significance of the colour red