Join the Plas Newydd team

Room guide at Plas Newydd, Anglesey

There are lots of reasons and ways to join us at Plas Newydd, from volunteering to work experience. Make new friends, gain new skills or just give something back. With so many different ways to lend a helping hand, you're sure to find something that suits you and your interests.

Welcome our visitors

Want to really make a difference to someone’s visit? As a welcomer you can. Give the warmest welcome to everyone, help our visitors around Plas Newydd and be a friendly face in reception or our Sun Room.

Tell stories

Become a tour guide and lead small groups through our mansion or help our visitors understand the stories behind a room, an object or a picture. Help history come to life, by joining our dedicated team and help our visitors experience something special.

Help our garden grow

Passionate about plants? Love the outdoors? Join our garden team to look after our extensive grounds, from cutting flowers for decorating our rooms to repairing garden trellis.

Help people see our grounds

Drive our buggy and give our less able visitors the chance to see more of Plas Newydd and help those tired legs get back to the car park.

Care for our collection

Interested in conservation? Or enjoy fixing things? Help our house team look after our objects and buildings.

Give a great experience

Help us in our shops, tea-room or coffee shop to give great service and sell quality products.

Shout about what we do

We're also looking for people to market Plas Newydd in new and innovative ways of promoting what we offer.

Look after our countryside

Make the most of the countryside, by helping us look after it. Our warden teams undertake many different tasks, from dry stone walling to strimming bracken. Here's a chance to learn some new skills in the outdoors.

Go behind the scenes

It’s not all public facing and the great outdoors. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes at Plas Newydd so there’s plenty of opportunity to help in other roles such as Finance, Office Administration, Librarians and Digital Media Marketing.


But don't take our word for it, why not meet one of our volunteers and find out why they're part of the team.

Meet the volunteers: Sue Beal | National Trust

Meet the volunteers: Sue Beal

Room & Tour Guide, Plas Newydd

Sue Beal - Room & Tour Guide

Without them we wouldn't be able to look after all our special places, so this Volunteers' Week we decided to get to know them a little better. Meet Sue Beal...

Sue Beal, a volunteer at Plas Newydd

What you do in your role:

Try to enhance visitors’ experience by answering questions, highlighting items of interest & providing information about the people who have lived at or visited Plas Newydd

How long have you been volunteering?

4+ years

Why do you volunteer?

I have the time and want to play a small part in ensuring our wonderful heritage remains accessible to everybody.

Do you volunteer anywhere else? (if so, tell us about it)

Visits Organiser for Llandudno Decorative & Fine Arts Society.  Our next day visit is to Mostyn Hall and St Asaph Cathedral  and at the end of September a 5 day visit to Cardiff.

Coffee or tea?

Tea then coffee elevenses, tea in the afternoon and coffee in the evening!

" I have the time and want to play a small part in ensuring our wonderful heritage remains accessible to everybody."
- Sue Beal, Volunteer Room & Tour Guide

Tell us something about your background

I started as a Home Economics (Domestic Science) teacher then as the Curriculum changed I taught Design, Caring Skills, Nursery Nursing and finally I organised Access to Higher Education courses for Adults returning to education.

If a film was made of your life – who would play you?

I would like to say Angelina Jollie but more fitting would be Judi Dench

Tell us something that nobody at the NT knows about you.

I can’t ride a bike!

When you were a child, what did you want to be and why?

A nurse – I was always bandaging people up, taking pulses, sticking pencils in their mouths to take their temperature!  Being rather heavy handed it is a blessing I went in a different direction!

Which do you prefer: A good book or good film?

The book before the film

Who’s your hero?

A friend in her late 80s who is so interested in everybody and everything,  except technology, and who has always breakfasted, made her bed and put her make up on before 9.00am!!