Dog walking at Plas Newydd, Anglesey

A dog going for a walk on a lead through woodland.

Tails will be wagging with excitement as we welcome more #PlasNewyddPooches than ever to the garden and grounds of Plas Newydd.

In 2016, we extended our dog walking route and renewed our dog policy to allow four legged families to roam (on leads!) around the grounds.

Plas Newydd pooches will be free to visit almost all areas of our gardens and grounds, including the areas outside the mansion and previously restricted areas such as the Rhododendron Garden and Camelia Dell.

" We've always loved visiting Plas Newydd with the dogs but have never been able to explore all the gardens before. Great news!"
- Peter Owen (via Facebook)

The only area off limits to canine companions is the mansion house itself and our Terraced Garden, where the precise planting demands that it is kept a paw free zone.

There are, of course, certain rules to keep the peace, especially with out more timid red-haired furry residents:

Rules for pooches at Plas Newydd

  • Short leads only please. If you are on an extendable lead, please keep it short whilst you're with us. 
  • Please ask your lovely owners to clean up after you and dispose of any 'waste' in the dog bins provided.  You can find them located at the Visitor Centre, the entrance to Church Wood and just behind the Fuschias opposite to the Terrace Garden. 
  • No barking at or chasing our Red Squirrels please!
  • Sorry guys, we can't let you in the house I'm afraid. 
  • The Old Dairy Cafe located up by the Visitor Centre is dog friendly all year around.  No sitting outside in the rain with your owners whilst they enjoy a coffee!
  • Dogs are welcome in both shops.. 
  • Please tell your owners not to leave you alone while they nip (no pun) into the house for a peek (during our main season when the house is open).
  • Please feel free to take selfies with your family and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using  #PlasNewyddPooches
  • Please don't be too cute, we might have to keep you!

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