Plas Newydd: Woodland Wednesdays

When you go down to the woods today ... or on Wednesdays from 11am until 4pm - you can be sure of a wild time! Summer is just around the corner and you can make the most of it as we go wild in the woods. From bug life to fossils, it's all going on at Plas Newydd.

Children looking at the insects found on a bug hunt.

Woodland Wednesdays: Bug fantastic

Discover the creatures of the undergrowth and try your hand at creating a mini home for your new friends.

Children play among the giant macrocarpas trees

Woodland Wednesdays: Fun with the trees

Why are trees so important? Find out with a range of fun activities including making your own tree wand.

A young boy using binoculars.

Woodland Wednesdays: It's all about the discovery!

Take a journey into the past to discover the animals that lived here long before us.

Girls make daisy chains at Plas Newydd

Woodland Wednsedays: Wild sensations

Use your senses and go barefoot to discover more about nature with the gang from Wild Elements.

A frog peeping out from a pond.

Woodland Wednesdays: Pool of discovery

All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures live in the pond at Plas Newydd. Learn about their lives and build a mini boat - who will be the fastest?

Making a masterpiece from natural items

Woodland Wednesdays: Nature's artistic flair

A day to let your artistic flare go wild - quite literally! Go on a scavenger hunt around the garden and woodland before having a go at creating your own wild art masterpiece.