Wild garlic pesto

A classic amongst forargers, wild garlic pesto is a great place to start with your findings. It freezes well, so you can enjoy the flavours of spring throughout the year.

Wild Garlic Norfolk
  • Preparation time 10 (prep. time)
  • Cooking time 10 (cooking time)
  • Serves 2


  • 40g wild garlic

  • 40g fresh curly parsley

  • 50g parmesan

  • 50g pine nuts or sunflower seeds

  • 100-120ml olive oil

  • Salt and pepper 


  1. Wash the garlic and parsley and dry. Grate parmesan and grind pine nut or seeds.


  2. Add the cheese, salt and pepper and then add half of the wild garlic and parsley and blend together.

  3. Add the remaining leaves and olive oil then blend

  4. Put in a sterilised jar topped with oil