We love food and we've got some great recipes to prove it. Here are some of our chefs' and local experts' favourites

Carrot cake seen from above, topped with frosting, sunflower seeds and walnuts
Weighing out caster sugar for cupcakes

Family-friendly bakes to try at home 

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into some of our top recipes to try with the kids. Quick, easy and delicious, these cakes, biscuits and savoury snacks will be sure to keep hands busy and tummies happy.

Two bowls filled with the spiced carrot and orange soup

Vegetarian and vegan recipes 

Whether you're looking for delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes, we have all the inspiration you need. Take a look at our top meat-free and dairy-free recipes.

The nation's favourite recipes

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Sticky gingerbread

Treat yourself to some delicious sticky gingerbread.


Smoked mackerel fishcake with celeriac remoulade and pickled vegetables

An exciting twist on a comforting classic - delicious crispy smoked mackerel fishcake served with seasonal pickled vegetables and a smooth celeriac remoulade.


Toffee fudge gateau

A delicious and indulgent cake for any occasion. It's gluten free too.


Traditional pancakes

Try this delicious recipe for traditional pancakes. Simple and quick to make, these scrumptious pancakes will make a tempting tower treat that the whole family will love to tuck into. Plus, this basic recipe means you can top your pancakes with whatever you like.


Jam roly-poly

Looking for a warm, comforting and jammy treat? This jam roly-poly will send you reaching for more – and it only takes an hour in total to make. Inject some nostalgia into your dinnertime with our recipe.


Potato, red cabbage and roasted garlic salad

A tasty salad that is the ideal accompaniment to your favourite dishes.


Chicken, leek and tarragon pie

This creamy chicken and leek pie, topped with fresh herbs and puff pastry, is a perfect family favourite for those chilly autumn nights.


Gingerbread house

Fancy making your own gingerbread house? With our simple biscuit recipe, and your choice of design, you can't go wrong with this classic tasty treat.


Spiced toffee apple cake recipe

Treat yourself to a fresh, tangy apple cake, smothered with a delightfully sticky toffee sauce.