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Large baked quiche with salmon and watercress filling

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A bowl of al fredo pasta with fresh brocolli, broad beans and asparagus

Vegetarian and vegan recipes 

Whether you're looking for delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes, we have all the inspiration you need. Take a look at our top meat-free and dairy-free recipes.

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Summer berry swiss roll

This scrumptious summer berry swiss roll is sure to wow your friends and family. It's perfect for an afternoon tea, garden party or an impressive dessert.


Vegan chocolate fudge cake

From the generous layers of icing in the middle through to the indulgent slather of chocolate frosting, this chocolate cake gives you everything that a treat should.


Easter cookie

For a deliciously simple cookie, you can't go wrong with this recipe. Ideal for weekend baking or whipping up on a weekday afternoon, these cookies have a chewy centre and crispy outside. You'll need to make plenty, as everyone will want an extra one or two.


Traditional pancakes

Try this delicious recipe for traditional pancakes. Simple and quick to make, these scrumptious pancakes will make a tempting tower treat that the whole family will love to tuck into. Plus, this basic recipe means you can top your pancakes with whatever you like.


Apple cinnamon bun

Try this apple cinnamon bun recipe for a tasty tea-time treat with a gloriously sticky caramel sauce.


Spiced toffee apple cake recipe

Treat yourself to a fresh, tangy apple cake, smothered with a delightfully sticky toffee sauce.


Mince pie brownies

Mince pies and a brownie together in one recipe? A festive twist on a classic brownie, these indulgent mince pie brownies make for a delicious dessert or thoughtful gift to share with loved ones. Plus, they're a great way to use up any leftover mince pies.


Pistachio and blackberry cake

This pistachio and blackberry cake is light, delicately flavoured and incredible moreish – and we know it'll impress your family and friends whatever the occasion. Tuck into a slice and enjoy the delicious balance of flavours and textures from the sweet blackberries to the crunchy pistachio's and creamy frosting.


Beetroot, bacon and cheese cake

This recipe might sound a bit unusual but it'll go down a treat and get everyone talking. Satisfyingly savoury and simple to make, it's perfect as a light lunch or delicious dinner.