10 reasons why you should try beach circuits at Stackpole

A beach circuits session at Stackpole

Have fun with beach circuits at Stackpole! Whether you're a regular at the gym or want to get back into an exercise routine, our sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. Here are 10 reasons why you should try beach circuits at Stackpole.

  1. Our beaches are natural assault courses
  2. Sand training makes you work harder and burn up to 30% more calories than a regular workout
  3. Exercising on the soft sand can help prevent injuries too, forcing your smaller stabilising muscles in knees, ankles and feet to work harder
  4. All whilst reducing the stress of pounding on your lower joints
  5. Plus you can cool down with a sea swim or run at the end of your workout
  6. And by exercising outdoors, you’re getting a natural source of vitamin D
  7. Beach circuits isn’t just for professionals either – our sessions are family friendly and even the dog can join in
  8. And you’ll have your very own personal trainer to guide you during the sessions
  9. Last but not least, it’s about letting the outdoors move you
  10. Because Broad Haven South is the most inspiring gym you’ll visit!

When do sessions take place?

We have beach circuits sessions running at Freshwater West every Friday evening from 6pm until 25 May. Sessions will then move to Stackpole Quay every Friday from 1 June to 28 September from 6pm..

 It's £2 for adults and free for children to take part.


Let the outdoors move you

Whatever the season, be inspired and get active at our special Welsh places near you.