Beach Cleans in Pembrokeshire

Visitors taking part in a beach clean

Marine pollution poses a real threat to our oceans and coastline across the world. Here is how you can do your bit to help by getting involved with one of our regular beach cleans.

Following the success of our huge Big Beach Clean Challenge last year, we're looking to continue the momentum with a host of beach cleans planned across the Pembrokeshire coast in 2020.

Marine pollution is a growing problem across the UK; quantities of litter on Britain’s beaches have more than doubled in the last 15 years.

From Freshwater West to Marloes Sands, we’ll be working hard to care for the coastline and invite you to join us. Litter picking kit will be provided by the team for each beach clean, with every piece of rubbish collected and removed from our shores making a difference.

Once you’ve dipped your toes into the water at one of our events, you might be interested in becoming a community COASTodian. Whether you have a favourite stretch of coast in Pembrokeshire or beyond, the Wales-wide initiative provides opportunities to get involved with your local beauty spot.

See below for event details.

2020 Beach Clean Events

January 5th: Freshwater West, 10-12pm

February 19th: Freshwater West, 11-1pm

February 20th: Marloes Sands, 10-12pm

March 18th: Traeth Llyfn, 2-4pm

November 4th: Marloes Sands 12-2pm

November 18th: Caerbwdi 12-2pm

November 22nd: Freshwater West, 1-3pm

Times and dates are subject to change. For updated information, see our What's On page or give us a follow on Facebook.