Stackpole Striders: Trail ready in 15 weeks

A group running at Stackpole

Like the idea of the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon but not sure you’re up to it? Follow our 15-week video guide with our sports instructor for handy hints, training tips and all you need to know about getting set for the Trailathlon. Remember, the Trailathlon is not a race! It’s open to all ages and abilities, and is all about having fun in the natural environment.


Week 1: Introductions

Meet Jeff, our Stackpole Striders sports instructor. Jeff will be guiding you through the next 15 weeks with top training tips to help you get ready for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon in October.


Week 2: Getting set

This week Jeff shares handy hints on getting set for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon with ideas on what kit you need and a breakdown of the routes available.


Week 3: Hydration

This week it’s all about hydration. How much water do you need before you get started? How much should you drink when you’re actually running? Jeff explains all…


Week 4: Exploring the routes

This week Jeff explores the running routes you can enjoy on the Stackpole Estate, covering both the woodland and beautiful coastline. Come and see the amazing scenery for yourself with our weekly Stackpole Striders fun run and get set for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon.


Week 5: Train with the family

This week it’s all about family fun and fitness and training together in readiness for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon! With the summer holidays here, Jeff shows us what the family sessions at Stackpole Court involve. Sound like fun? Activities take place every Wednesday from 2pm between 25 July and 29 August, no booking needed.


Week 6: More to explore

This week it’s all about more to explore as Jeff shows us first-hand the 3-mile route and some of the views you can experience along the way. Our Stackpole Striders fun run takes place every Sunday from 9.15am and is the perfect chance to enjoy the landscape and train for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon.


Week 7: Wellbeing

This week it’s all about wellbeing as Jeff explains the benefits of exercising outdoors.


Week 8: Step out of your comfort zone

This week it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone! As we’re over halfway through our trail ready programme for the Barafundle Bay Trailathlon, it’s time to start extending route distances all whilst enjoying the great outdoors.


Week 9: Bank holiday fun

With the August bank holiday approaching, Jeff shares some top tips on how to stay active over the three-day weekend!

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