Stowe Gardens appeal

Stowe Gardens was once Europe's most influential landscape garden. We need help to rebuild its grand temples and heroic statues for us all to enjoy

Visitors enjoying the Grecian Valley at Stowe Gardens
Stowe Gardens' crumbling ruins

Help restore Stowe Gardens to its former glory 

We want to bring Stowe Gardens and its lost stories back to life and restore its 18th-century splendour. Your gift will help fund a vast restoration project at Stowe. We could replace missing statues, restore magnificent monuments and repair historic temples.

Rebuilding Stowe's lost treasures

What your gift could do

  • £25 could pay for one traditional lime mortar repair on the Temple of Friendship. Approximately 500 of these are needed to repair the Temple’s imposing façade
  •  £35 could make you one of 100 people funding a re-creation of one of the Grecian Valley’s classical sculptures
  • £50 could make you one of 25 people funding the vital restoration plans needed to faithfully repair and restore the striking Gothic Cross monument, that visitors can enjoy it for years to come
  • £150 could pay for an oak tree sapling, which will one day tower over the Grecian Valley

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With your support we can restore Stowe Gardens to its former glory