Team volunteering at Stowe

A group of ten adults are in wellies stuck in boggy mud. They're mucky from a day of volunteering the gardens at Stowe.

If you're looking for a team building day with your employees and wish to support a charity, Stowe is a great place to choose. We have a dedicated programme of activities for groups to participate in, whilst helping our gardening team achieve exciting projects.

Giving a little, gaining a lot

There's so much to be gained from a day out in the fresh air. Here's some of the great reasons to convince your team to come to Stowe:

  • Volunteering is a great way of giving back to the local community 
  • Achieve your own Corporate Social Resonsibility aims. From reducing carbon footprint by tree planting to protecting the environment by helping to create new habitats; our activities will support your strategy
  • Promote employee bonding and relationship-building across departments which don't often work together
  • Enhance your brand's image with your own customers by showcasing your support of a chairty
  • Boost morale within your team by providing time away from daily tasks, recharge their batteries and increase employee productivity and staff retention
  • Improve relationships with key stakeholders by developing a reglar programme of community work
  • Teach individuals new skills and build self-esteem
  • Providing access to the natural world will help employees support change intiatives such as energy-saving and recyling
  • Combine a workshop, training or meeting in our Bennett Room with half a day's volunteering
" At the heart of the National Trust is a simple common purpose. For places, for ever, for everyone. Donations from businesses help us continue to beat in tune with the heart of our founders' ambitions. "

Donations - Protecting the future

To host a team building day at Stowe, we ask for a donation of £25 per person for group sizes of 25 and under and £40 per person for group sizes of 26 and over. We kindly ask for this upon booking to help support prepartion for your day. Thank you for your support, we simply couldn't look after special places like Stowe without it.

Making a difference

The skills and energy from corporate team days are hugely valuable to the National Trust. 

  • Your team can achieve projects in one day which would take our small team of gardeners weeks to complete
  • Donations support the restoration work of the gardens and park specifically at Stowe. Your team can return time and time again to see how their handiwork and company donation has benefitted the community and hundreds of thousands of visitors
  • Volunteers feel engaged with the work of our charity deciding to return as visitors, become a regular volunteer or become lifelong supporters
  • Volunteering supports our aims of building links and relationships with businesses 
View through a window towards an event at Stowe

Info pack

Taking all of the great opportunities to present to your managers and team? Download the Corporate Volunteering at Stowe Brochure for your go to guide for everything you've read about here.

White spring blossom is on branches revealing a statue at Stowe

Let's chat

We're here to help provide a great day out for your team and share this special place. If you're ready to book or have some questions, get in touch with our team.

Your day will be designed especially for you by our team, who'll assign your tasks for the day and be your point of contact from booking onwards.

Upon arrival, your group will be met by a member of the team who can give a brief introduction to Stowe and will be able to direct you to key features and facilities.